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Upfront pricing

Simply give us a call and based on what you tell us that you want to have cleaned, we will give you the cost- upfront- no surprises afterward. Pricing is based on areas. Combo rooms (such as living/dining room) and great rooms (those over 250 squar feet) count as two areas. Staircases count as one area. It's all up to you, your choice.

Our "Clean Means Clean" pricing includes:

  • Pre-spotting
  • Pre-conditioning
  • Corrective cleaning
  • Moving of some furniture
  • Optical brighteners

This service is performed with a truck-mounted system

Whether you require simply a regular maintenance cleaning of your carpet, area rugs and upholstery, or have a need for more specialized services such as sanitizing away the bacteria left from your pet's accident, 1 Choice is the choice for you. We can smooth out the " little bumps" along the way (restretching carpet) , or make the path a little softer (pad replacement). We can tackle carpet repairs as small as a burn from a fireplace spark or as large as that splash of bleach that "got away from you".

Tile floors are very elegant and can be low maintenance. But over the course of time, appearances change and need to be restored, It's always nice to look at your freshly cleaned tile floor and think, "So that's what the grout is supposed to look like!" And having that grout sealed allows you to have that look longer. 

Pet odor can be controlled as easily as with a surface sanitizing or may be as involved as removing and replacing padding along with a thorough sanitizing of the flooring and backing of the carpet. We've seen both extremes over the years and everything in-between, what can we say, things happen. But we will work with you to find the best solution for your needs. As every case is different, this service does require an on-site estimate.

Repairs, including restretching, also vary and are priced by size. Therefore, an on-site estimate is also required for these services.